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Italian karate master

Ofelio Michielan Sensei is an Italian master with over 45 years of Budo experience. In 1971 he founded the Karate Shotokan School in Treviso. In the past, he won the Italian championships in Kumite and Kata several times and also won many championships in Europe and worldwide.

He currently teaches Karate in Israel, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Social commitment is important for Master Ofelio, therefor he has been organizing courses for seniors and disabled children since many years. Karate is a good way for him to develop personally himself and others.

Do you want to meet Sensei Ofelio? Be there at the World Budo Day on May 1st. Martial arts have no limits!

Facebook: Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Ren Bu Kan Treviso
Instagram: @ren.bu.kan_treviso


Di qualsiasi arte mi affascina la capacità di suscitare emozioni, talora anche senza comprenderne realmente il significato.

M° Ofelio Michielan


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